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At SunZag, our mission is two-fold:

1. To provide our customers with the most practical Disc security product.

2. To preserve our environment by preventing eWaste, promoting the Recycling of optical discs rather than shredding or breaking them.

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1st Place - Environmental
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Wade, tell us about your invention!
"I have discovered and developed a new technique and product that will revolutionize how the world disposes of unwanted or confidential CDs and DVDs. This product, the Compact Disc Eraser, is not only safe, small in size, and affordable, but also the first and only disc destruction device that, unlike CD shredders, doesn't create any eWaste and promotes recycling. Taking less than 2 seconds to operate, it is much quicker and more practical than any known methods or devices used for disc destruction. I previously worked as an engineer in the storage technology industry for over 7 years and have researched the trends and technologies."

How did you come up with this invention?
"Like many computer users, I have accumulated old stacks of CD-Rs and DVDRs over the years. I have burned hundreds of them, storing all kinds of information on them, both confidential as well as audio/video and data archiving. And I have tried many of the Poor Man's Methods of disc destruction, from breaking them in half, to hammering and sanding, cutting them up, etc...I have also spent some money to buy both the motorized as well as manually cranked CD shredders and other disc destruction devices. They are all very messy, cleanup is a hassle, and the metallic dust from the broken particles are a POTENTIAL HEALTH HAZARD.

Basically I'm an innovator, and tinker with new ideas and concepts, most of which I come up with on my own. My original thought was, "Is there any way to disable a disc without actually physically destroying it?" I found the way, and in safety, will save alot of small children from being injured by shredders as well as preserve our environment by encouraging people to recycle their old discs, instead of creating eWaste when a disc is physically broken, either by shredding or manually breaking or cutting them up.

CDs and DVDs are 100% recyclable, but the general public doesn't realize that CD recyclers prefer recycling WHOLE discs, not broken pieces or shredded materials. Therefore, my product encourages a better solution - RECYCLING rather than CREATING eWASTE, which will help preserve our earth's natural environment. Nothing could be simpler than using the Disc Eraser, and then disposing the erased discs inside any plastics recycling bin, which will be sorted and sent to the CD recyclers to be melted down.

In terms of technical advancement, the Compact Disc Eraser will definitely increase people's productivity at the office as well as at home. It will make the world a safer place by preventing data and identity theft."

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