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Achieve the effect of a full, permanent erasure in only 2 seconds!

Wipe out any CD or DVD... Guaranteed!

HIPAA compliant - No Waste, Eco Friendly. Newest Optical-Strip Technology
destroys your data. No more hassles of cutting, breaking, or shredding your discs!

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1. Open and align disc with center and outer hubs
2. Close over disc, and place unit on a table surface
3. Push down while pulling the slider quickly

Video Demo : Safe & easy to use!

Patented Optical-Strip Technology: 100% Effective & Reliable

Our discs tested UNRECOVERABLE by leading CD Data Recovery Companies.


Scratching up your disc with a key or blade isn't very secure!

As seen above, the Disc Eraser's strip is thicker and applied at a precise skew location.

This allows secure data destruction with one quick swipe, which is impossible to do with a key or blade. Furthermore, the strip goes deep enough to prevent polishing, unlike a key or blade scratch.

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Technical Questions

Q: What about the open areas on the disc? Can data still be read there?

A: Surprisingly not! There are 3 fundamental reasons for this:

1) Understanding DSP(Digital Signal Processing) - Unlike an analog signal (an old record player, for example) the codewords and length (n,k) of 0's and 1's are fixed and finite. Therefore, the small sections destroyed by the Optical-Strip cannot be simply ommitted without affecting the rest of the data in a binary string. In other words, breaking up the key sections on a track destroys the rest of the track because of digital processing. Each Optical Strip that is applied breaks every data track twice, and even the smallest data files take up many tracks. Although only 1 strip is required, multiple strips can be applied for added security.

2) Rotation - Discs must spin in order to read off data. Most drives spin at over 24,000 RPMs. As shown below, Optical-Strip dispersion prevents laser pickup of the data. Even if one could slowly spin a disc, data cannot be fully recovered due to DSP, as explained above.

3) Digital Error Correction - Shredding or defacing a disc is overkill and unnecessary for digital systems. Even the most advanced algorithms can only correct 2 bit errors per 32 bit codeword. The Optical-Strip securely imparts many orders above this error rate. Our discs tested UNRECOVERABLE by leading CD Data Recovery Companies. For more technical information, search Reed-Solomon Error Correction, and Viterbi Decoding.

Q: Why not break or shred a disc?

A: In addition to the potential danger, broken and shredded discs create eWaste.
During the CD recycling process, the entire metal foil layer is "washed" off the disc. This requires an intact disc.
"Whole discs only, do not cut or break"- NESAR Systems, a leading CD recycler.

"Most shredders on the market mix the plastic shreds in with the paper, contaminating the plastic with paper, and vice versa, thus preventing proper recycling of both materials. Paper and plastic need to be kept separate for recycling." Bruce Bennett, President,

Over 20 billion recordable discs have been sold worldwide. eWaste is a serious problem.
Every month, in the US alone, over 3 million discs (100,000 lbs) require secure disposal.

Why shred? Recycle instead!

Simply dispose your erased discs in any plastics recycling bin. Your local recyclers will sort and send them out in bulk to the CD recyclers, as shown below. This is currently done with discarded AOL, commercial, and non-confidential CDs that are found intact. CD Recycling info.
Recycling is MORE SECURE than breaking or shredding. Instead of creating eWaste particles that aren't biodegradable, recycled discs are completely melted down and the raw materials can be re-used.

The Disc Eraser is the first and only CD security device that provides an environmentally friendly solution.
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