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"Thanks for the simple and easy tool, I'm satisfied."

"Today I've erased 100 CD-Rs in just a few minutes, thanks to the Disc Eraser!"

"Got it, works great.... good investment!!"

"Our IT manager has used it and is very impressed. A few others looked on, including one doubter who thought the same could be achieved with scissors. This was quickly proven not to be the case!"

"Have gotten through about 500 works surprisingly well!"

"I was frustrated with shredding CDs since it ruined the paper for the purpose of recycling..."

" I wanted to safely (environmentally, confidentially) get rid of old backup CDs. I had gone through much of what you talk about on your site: hacking them apart, scoring, all that metal dust, etc. I was amazed that even after scoring with an awl, they were still readable. Your Disc Eraser works, and I'm extremely pleased!"

"I work in IT and need to ensure a disc can't be read. Your product is definitely the right price!"

"It is small, lightweight, and smart. My friends and I store it inside our laptop cases. It works easy and scarifies the surface perfectly! My data on DVDs are surely unreadable. Perfect little tool to delete confidential data."


"I have some outdated business CDs that I need to destroy. I have a heavy duty paper shredder but it doesn't accommodate CDs, and I don't want to buy another $200 shredder! So, I was excited to see your product and can't wait to try it!"

"I was moving and had a bunch of old CD-Rs with backup information on them. I didn't want to keep those old CD-Rs, so I used the Disc Eraser first, then put them in the plastics recycling bin. It was quick and easy!"

"Excellent product, fast delivery from US to UK - no problems, good comms."

"I received the DiscEraser and it works great! I can't believe how simple it is. I will certainly recommend your product to all my computer friends. Thank you."

"The Disc Eraser is great! It was easy to "erase" a couple dozen old backup CDs. This is far superior to just scoring a CD with a knife - which I have found does NOT prevent reading. It's a great invention, just the thing for my needs."

"I have a CD shredder, which is very noisy. Disc Eraser is a better product, and I can also bring it with me on business trips!"

"Works beautifully! Easy and reliable."

"AWESOME product! Great transaction. Thank you!"

"Safe to use, my 8 year old daughter enjoys making patterns on my old discs. I hope you sell a million!"

"Unlike other devices, Disc Eraser is clean and environmentally friendly. No more ground-up particles or messy fragments to throw away! No cleanup is required."

"Very good product. Highly recommended !!"

"The Disc Eraser is quiet and better for the office environment than bulky and loud shredding machines."

"I like the compact size of the Disc Eraser, it fits inside my desk."

"My discs used to hold my old weekly data backup, so I was afraid to just dump them in the trash. Now I can."

"Very useful for small business owners. I used to hammer old CDRs to destroy client information on them. Disc Eraser is an ideal office tool for destroying confidential CDRs."

"A simple and elegant way to erase CDs. Who would have thought this is possible?"

"Wonderful product and service. Thanks Wade Sun!!!!!!"

"Your Disc Eraser is very easy to use, and it works! I tested the disc afterwards, and my computer couldn't read it!"

"Good product and fast shipping!!!"

"Great product just as advertised. Thanks."

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